Friday, February 24, 2012

A horrible experience “Acapulco-Mexico”

      On my vacation in August 2005, I had the opportunity to go with my sister and my mother to Mexico. We went because my mother was visiting her best friend, who is from Mexico City. We would get to the city and she invited us to see Acapulco. When we were in Acapulco, we went one morning to a beach called Condesa, which is on the Pacific Ocean. The water that day was very turbid. My mother’s fiend was trying to touch the water with her feet but the tide was so strong. She fell in the water with all her clothing because of the rip current.
      My sister and I were sunbathing and waiting for the tide to calm down. I decided to go in first I did not care that the water was so wavy. When I was inside the water, I realized that the tide was rising and the waves were getting bigger.  I thought about leaving the water. I made some gestures to my sister. I was telling her to not to come into the water but she did not understand.
      When we were together I told her I was tired.  I had been trying to get out the water for a few minutes, but the tide would not let me. My mom hadn't worried because we had taken swim lessons when we were children. She was sunbathing with her friend. I tried to swim back to shore but I couldn't do it because the water current took me back to inside the ocean. My sister saw a rope and she went to take it. She was waiting for a wave to take her out the water. She swam to shore and she put one foot on the shore while was walking fast with the rip current. Meanwhile I was still clutching the rope, waiting to be strong again and do what my sister did.
      I was waiting to take a wave and swim fast to the shore but the tide was so strong that I couldn't get out of the water on my first attempt. I gestured to my sister because I was tired. I did the same again without force. I took the wave and with the current water, I put one foot on the shore and my sister took my hand and took me out of the water. I spent more than ten minutes trying to get out the water. I was tired and couldn't believe that the beach didn’t have lifeguards.
      I told my mother that I almost died by the strong tide and was struggling to get out the water. She was surprised; she had been talking with her friend while I was inside the beach. When he returned to Venezuela and saw my dad, I told him what had happened to me. I said, "Acapulco is a place that I will not visit again."

by Sthefany Urdaneta

"Gilbert" and "Einstent" by Annie

My son took his classroom pet home during Christmas break. The little pet is hamster, his name is "Einstein. My husband and my daughter were so happy.I felt ok,because I was afraid of mice.After Christmas break, "Einstein"went back school.My kids want to have their own hamster. They want to take care of little pet. I was very hesitant.because hamsters don't smell good and they always play in the night,and sleep during kids kept asking me.I told my Kids to use their own money to buy a hamster.and to take care of the pet themselves, parents don't need to help everything.Last month,we bought a hamster name "Gilbert".He is very funny,always running and running, gradually , I liked "Gilbert" Better. After my kids go to bed,When I am doing homework,"Gilbert" is running and running in the cage,I felt so sweet.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jealous By Ghazwan AL Hashimi

  The life is  a bridge that we need to cross . I am the second son of  a simple family. My father , he is a kind man. He had been working hard to raise me and my brother.
     My study is my life. I remembered  that day when my mother had taught   my brother ,I moved around them to show my drawing. I and my brother like a chain of series of events. When we were young , both of us were running to library to get the same sports magazine “ALRashied”. I and my brother had never been playing  in the same term. He played football ,and so did I. He had loved to learn swimming ;then I followed him. He went to college; so did I. He studied masters; so did I. His major of study is sport while my study field is mathematics. He is dealing  with the mental compatibility of movement while I am dealing with the mind games. He is searching  the muscle  movement while I  need to study the curve of its movement. He is studying the best way to record the best time while I am studying the optimality. It is true; I am jealous.
    I met my wife in college. I looked to her and said to myself   “This is my wife.” My wedding was simple. I have had a nice daughter since 2012. After that Fatimah has been  my life till now.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

MyFirst Adventure. By DANNA ALDOSSARY

                 In 2003 when I was a student in high school I did a baring adventure. I had a girlfriend with long hair. Her parents did not allow her to it cut. She told me her suffering with her hair and I sympathized with her. In the afternoon I went with her to the bathroom and started the adventure. When I finished and looked at her hair said wow. Her hair was so short. She was very happy and I was so happy also because I introduced a joy to her heart. It was the most beautiful adventure of my life.
Thank you.

Last Home Game by Mars Lu

Last summer in the middle of August, I went with my friends, Hanming, Xiaoyi, and Xiaoming, to a stadium and we watched soccer together. That day there were 30,000 fans in the stadium. The 30,000 other fans and I all shouted, "We are the champions!" together. During the match the team I supported had a free kick and the free kick was perfect. That free kick made me think about Beckhum's free kick. At the end of the match the team I supported won and the score was three to one. I really enjoyed this match. Right now, Manchester United, AC Milan, Real Madrid, and Barcelona are the best in the wart but I think that Beijing Guo An is perfect in my heart. I believe that someday they can be the best team in the world.

Short story by AMMAR AL-TEMIMI

                                    Short story by AMMAR AL-TEMIMI
Do you know why I can not forget the wrong attitude in my life? Let me show you some                 facts about my life. I hope you enjoy when you read my fable. So, I will start to write some events about my short story. When I was 13 years old,I had made something dangerous.I always opposed my parents when they needed to give me some advice.So,I sometimes was not attentive to them.I remembered some advice to make me upset.Formerly,I tried to drive my father's car .My father was always forgetting his key on the television.Before my father woke up in the morning ,I took his key and moved slowly from the upstairs of my home to the garage .I was looking at different way because I was afraid from my father to see me. After I did not see anyone,I made to insert the keys' car and moved quickly to the street. Before I made an accident,I was listening to some music.After I had made the accident, policeman arrived quickly. He took me to the police office in my town .I was crying while my father arrived. My father had paid the bail for me and gave some money to the police office. I felt comfortable when my father took  me to our home. Before I saw my mother,I was thinking about her emotions. Ultimately,I was bewildered when I saw all my family in front of our home.When I was stayed in the police station ,I could not see my family again.So,I recommend my children not drive with out my sanction.Right now, I am thinking about how I can keep the keys away from my children.                                                                                                                          

Thursday, February 16, 2012

3 rules for restaurant etiquette by annie

    Why is Chinese food so famous in the world?   Because "food" is very important in the Chinese culture . The restaurant is an important  place  where  people  communicate. There are many  rules  for restaurant etiquette,  but  three of them are very important : seating, chopsticks , and teapot usage . Old people sit at the shortest side of the table along, The back wall of the room. used in many dishes in Chinese  cuisine , knowing the correct chopsticks usage in essential . Chopsticks are not used to move a bowl or plate, Do not point the chopsticks at another person . If you are getting tea for yourself , you should ask others first . when someone is using a teapot to pour tea for the others, he should hold the teapot with his right hand .  Politeness and good manners can be good for making  friends . I hope everyone likes Chinese culture and likes Chinese table manners.